Different Kinds of Devices to Use for Multi Channel Retailing

Multi Channel Retailing
  1. Tablets

There are more than 30 various kinds of tablets accessible in the market nowadays. Some of the well known tablets used greatly today are Apple’s iPad, Samsung Tab, Amazon etc. These tablets are used by many consumers and sellers all over the world today. They are cost efficient and have various kinds of benefits that make it so popular in today’s day and age.

Using tablets can be quite beneficial to the in store retailer as well as the customers. For consumers, a tablet can simply be used to browse through the company’s website to look for the certain product that they are in need of. A customer can easily check out the product online and then check if it is available at the mortar and brick store for a lesser price.

The retailer on the other hand, can use a tablet as a great customer services tool. If the retailer can create a tablet application it can be quite helpful to them as they will be able to provide more data as compared to the online website and can also combine the inventory management.

  1. Mobiles

A research that took place in 2010 showed that 30% customers use their mobile phones to research a certain product before purchasing it. Mobile apps are quite different from accessing a website. Mobile apps provide much more than other devices, such as coupons and promotions that customers could use to increase their shopping experience.

Mobile phones are not only used to call or text a friend now, they can also be used to access social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through these social media sites, people can like a product or even share the ones that they like. Mobile applications can also be used as a point of sales system that can be quite beneficial for smaller retailers.

  1. Touchscreens

Touchscreens can be used together or separately and is an important part of the in-store experience. One of the benefits of touchscreens is that they seem to be great for engaging with customers. Many people have started getting used to touchscreens and are more at ease while using it. Both kinds of touchscreens are known for conveying information to the customer, thus being more convenient to them. Moreover, touchscreens are provided by the retailers so customers do not have to depend on having a mobile phone or tablet.
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