What Everyone Should Know Before Start Using Multi-Channel Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

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There are a few very important things everyone should know before start using multi-channel enterprise ecommerce platforms!

The daily cost of managing a business without multi-channel enterprise ecommerce platforms are becoming greater than the total expense of implementation would be. There are so many options to choose from and sometimes, choosing the right software for your needs can be a real challenge.

You must discover how much custom development is going to be involved, can it collect and pull real-time supplier and sales data, and what team resources will be used to support the software.

There are a few very important considerations everyone should know before start using multi-channel enterprise ecommerce platforms. We have compiled a list of vital questions to ask, as well as, certain mistakes to avoid:

  • Who exactly will be included in the decision-making process?
  • Why-end-to-end integration should be a priority?
  • What to consider when deciding between an in-house and SaaS platform?
  • What are other non-negotiable and essential features your software must have?
  • What to look for when cross-checking potential vendors?
  • Why post-implementation support can’t be avoided or overlooked?

Reaching an agreement on multi-channel enterprise ecommerce platforms demands careful analyses and discussions related to multiple departments. By determining current and future needs and requirements, the potential solutions are taken into consideration, which will be easier for you to choose one that perfectly meets your criteria and won’t cause any problems.

Evaluating an ecommerce software system starts with discovering whether or not it comes with a functionality required to take over your standalone operational systems. Retailers should look for an ecommerce platform that integrates the supply sides, as well as the sales, of the business, so the software can collect, and carefully analyze this data and make the best repricing, inventory, and fulfillment decisions possible.

Retailers are familiar with the importance of presenting channel-specific product information. A lot of them still have troubles doing it. In order to keep control over the items in various units of measure and the corresponding product data, each channel demands retailers to create duplicate SKUs which makes inventory management almost impossible. In order to prevent negative feedback, overselling, and account suspension, retailers should look for an ecommerce platform that offers dynamic inventory allocation. This will help them to keep reliable and accurate inventory levels.


One of the most important decisions, multi-channel retailers have to make when it comes to platforming is whether they should go with a custom-build in-house solution or a SaaS-based solution. The SaaS platforms are less expensive as the web hosting is not required and web developers are not obligated to build and take care of it. The SaaS providers generally charge monthly fees and the SaaS-based platforms usually come equipped with the newest features and can be set up promptly than in-house platforms.

Once you have clearly identified what features you want in an ecommerce platform, your next step is choosing a vendor. When analyzing vendors you need to review average growth rates and customer success stories. Before you make your final decision you need to ask – Who will be providing the technical or customer support? What level of go-live support will be offered? Do you provide dedicated account management? The answers will guide you to the right vendor.

When checking out vendors, you should make sure that you will get an implementation expert who works with members of your team through the complete implementation process to guarantee you will receive the expected value on time and within the arranged budget.

Multi-Channel Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms
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We hope this article and these tips will help you find and choose the best multi-channel enterprise ecommerce platform!